Silent/1919/B&W/45 min
Production: Hindustan Cinema Film Co.
Direction, Story,
Cinematography: D.G. Phalke
Cast: Mandakini Phalke

The villagers seek the help of Lord Krishna who, using his supernatural power, subdues the poisonous Kaliya and redeems the villagers from the demon Kaliya who also gets emancipated in the process.

The film also shows various enjoyable episodes from Lord Krishna's childhood when he indulges in mischievous pranks of stealing butter, etc., with his fellow gang of kids.

The remarkable opening of the film shows a closeup of Phalke’s daughter, Mandakini which mixes slowly with the image of her as Krishna.  Many moods of this child actress are captured for a few moments before this, and the title reads, “ Study of facial expressions by a little girl of seven”.

Phalke’s trick photography especially in the last scene of Kaliya Mardan, where little Krishna overpowers the giant serpent is innovative.