Hindi/1937/B&W/154 min
Production Co:
Prabhat Film Co. 
S.Fatehlal, V.G.Damle
Direction : V. Shantaram
Story :
Shantaram Athavale
Music: Keshavrao Bhole
Art: S. Fatehlal
Cinematography: V. Avadhoot
Cast : Shanta Apte, Keshavrao Date, Vasanti, Master Chhotu, Raja Nene, Vimla Vashistha, Shakuntala Paranjape, Gowri

The story is based on a novel by Shri. Narayan Hari Apte.  It reminds us instinctively of the story of Sharada, a play by Deval  which had long been a classic of Marathi theatre.
Neera, a young girl, is married off to an old widower by her foster-parents, an uncle and his orthodox wife. The deal is obviously motivated by considerations of money. The shock of the marriage is too much for the girl, but she bravely tries to accommodate herself in the house. The widower deceives himself into believing that he is still not old enough to have lost his manhood. His college-going son tries to flirt with his young stepmother, while a widowed daughter of his sympathises with her in her woe. The marriage does not work. Some cheer is added to Neera's life through the company of a teenage girl belonging to the household. However, when the old man fully realises the implications of his action, he commits suicide, leaving the girl he has married against her will to go her own way.